Springing into action at Loch Katrine

Spring in Scotland ‘s Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park brings about a burst of activity in the wildlife, as the natural world wakes up from the winter slumber. Here are some examples of Scottish wildlife that you might encounter on Trossachs Ebike Tours Loch Katrine Explorer during the next few months.

two alert roe deer against a background of greenery
Roe deer
red squirrel looking at camera, sat on a branch, with green leaves in background
Red squirrel

Deer: Spring is a time of renewal for Scotland’s iconic red deer. Look out for stags with newly regrown antlers and hinds with their newborn calves, as they graze in the glens. Much smaller roe deer also frequent the woods around Loch Katrine.

Ospreys: Spring marks the return of ospreys to Scotland after their winter migration to Africa. These magnificent birds of prey can be spotted nesting near freshwater lochs and rivers. They are frequent visitors to Loch Katrine and can be seen taking fish from the water.

osprey in flight over water, holding a trout fish in its talons
Osprey catching trout

Eagles: Scotland’s largest bird of prey, the golden eagle, can be seen soaring high above the mountains and moorlands during the spring months. Look for their distinctive silhouettes as they hunt for prey or engage in aerial displays. Massive white tailed sea eagles have also been spotted at Loch Katrine and are expected to set up breeding territories in the next few years.

Geese: You will possibly hear barnacle and greylag geese honking away before you see them!

Red squirrels: Spring is a busy time for red squirrels as they forage for food and prepare for breeding season. Look for these charismatic creatures in woodlands and forests, particularly in areas where they are protected from competition with non-native grey squirrels.

Mountain hares: Spring brings about a transformation in the appearance of mountain hares as they change from their white winter coats to their brown summer pelage.

Wildflowers: Scotland’s springtime brings a profusion of wildflowers carpeting the landscape with colour. Look for bluebells, primroses, wild garlic, common orchids and other native species blooming in woodlands and along the lochside.

Wild garlic lit by sunshine, growing at the base of a mossy tree
Wild garlic
Flock of greylag geese in flight over trees
Greylag geese

Remember to observe wildlife from a respectful distance and avoid disturbing nesting birds during their breeding season. Electric bike tours resume from 27th March 2024, prebooking essential. Book now.

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